Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Review: I Don't Care About Your Band

In the vein of Chelsea Handler, comedy writer and performer Julie Klausner's I Don't Care About Your Band is a hilarious guide to all the weirdos and losers Klausner has dated -- and what she's learned from it.

There was her obsession with an actor who played Sweeney Todd on Broadway. Her time in her teenage years spent calling a "special hotline." Noah, the younger guy whose bed had a surprise treat in store for Klausner -- bedbugs! And Rob, the guy who was a Star Wars fanatic and gave her herpes. All fun times.

Besides laughing at her past mistakes in the dating pool, Klausner riffs on how Kermit was so not into Miss Piggy (right on!) and how a meet-up with a male pen pal 20 years later was like a scene in Fargo (the one where Marge meets up with her high school friend at a Radisson hotel in Minnesota -- Klausner and her pen pal even met up at the same hotel). She also subtly gives dating advice and pretty much says it's OK to make dumb choices and go out with the wrong types of guys -- as long as you learn from your mistakes and figure out what's acceptable to you and what's not.

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