Monday, August 17, 2009

Jon and Kate + 8: The Great Debate

I got sucked into this show this year while I was sick. I watched a couple of episodes during a marathon, and I quickly became attached to the cute Gosselin kiddos. I found Kate to be controlling and bossy, but I figured she needed to be to keep eight kids (and her husband, apparently) in check. Jon seemed like a cool guy to me, and one who loved his kids.

Very soon after I started watching the show, the incident with Jon and the school teacher in Reading came out, and then the proverbial poop hit the fan. You couldn't get away from the Gosselins. They were on the news, in the magazine rack at the grocery store...

After announcing they were separating, I was hoping they would stop their TLC show. Instead, the couple chose to continue it and show their separate lives with their children. I'm not sure if they had to fulfill their contract with TLC or if they like/need the money, but in my mind, this is not the right decision.

I feel so horrible for their children. One day they will grow up and get to watch the show and read all of these stories about their parents and their bad behavior. I find it ironic that Jon Gosselin claims he wants a private life, yet he chills in France with a 22-year-old party girl and goes to the Hamptons with a former tabloid reporter -- probably wearing Ed Hardy shirts both times (seriously, Christian Audigier should ban Jon from wearing his clothing).

He's obviously not thinking about his children during this tough time. I feel like he is probably having some early midlife crisis or a breakdown. He was married at 22, and had 8 kids by the time he was 27. Granted, that is a lot for anyone at that age, or any age, to handle. But does it excuse him to now gallivant around and relive his early adult years?

I'll admit I was sucked into all the drama, but what happened last week was the "last straw" for me. Apparently, Kate came back to their Pennsylvania home when it was Jon's turn with the kids (after a day of chatting it up with Regis and Kelly about her divorce). She called the cops when Jon wouldn't let her onto the property. Jon told the media that Kate tried to "cry it up" with the cops but they still made her leave the property.

I don't see why Jon felt he had to comment on this situation. I don't know if they both have this messed-up logic now where they think just because they are on this popular (well, used to be -- ratings are majorly down) TV show, that they need to tell America every little thing about their lives. If asked about this incident, why not just say, "No comment?" And why did Kate have to spill her guts on Regis and Kelly about her feelings about the divorce and Jon?

It literally hurt me to hear about this ... I know we are all shaped and form in some ways by our parents and what they do (or don't do). I also know you can overcome your parents' mistakes and still be a good, moral person and not feel your character or personality got messed up by how your parents have treated you or each other. But I also know it really affects some kids growing up and can play a part in the development of them as people.

I hope the Gosselin kids come out of this as unscathed as possible. Although I will miss not seeing them grow up, I really hope this last season is the final one, and they will get to grow up without cameras around (I don't think the sextuplets even know what it's like to live without cameras) and deal with their parents splitting up like any other kids have to.