Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taxi Cab Confessions

I really enjoy traveling for my job. It's great to see new cities, I love being in hotels and I'm even getting a little less afraid of flying.

But I think one of my favorite parts of traveling is people watching and meeting some interesting characters. This weekend, I think I met the best one so far: my cab driver.

Some cab drivers don't really like to talk with their passengers, but mine didn't mind sharing personal things with me on our 30-minute drive from the airport to my hotel. For example, she, a grown woman, still sucks her thumb, which is the reason why she has a cleaning lady (?). She also told me about cab etiquette, and how some cabbies really enjoy splashing pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Most importantly, I learned a lot about love from my cab driver. Before picking me up, she just got back from tongue-ring shopping and lunch at Red Lobster with her boyfriend. They were still in the "courting stage" according to her, but he was making quite an effort. She told me that one night he came over to make her dinner, bring her roses and run her bathwater. I told her that was really sweet, and she shared with me that they dated before 15 years ago.

Me: "Oh, that's so cute! It must be fate! If you don't mind my asking, why didn't it work the first time?"

Cab driver: (laughing) "Oh, it was silly... I told him I was pregnant, but I wasn't!"

Me: ..... ??? .... ??? .... ?

Ah, the life of a traveler! :)

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