Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I originally wrote this for my "About Me" section of Facebook a couple months ago, realized it was way too long, saved it... and forgot about it. Might as well publish it here.... so this is me in a nutshell!...

First and foremost, I am a huge nerd, and I’m OK with that. I love words, editing, reading and everything that goes into the publishing/production process. Someday I’ll write a book, although I’m not sure about what. I’m a news hound and need to check out multiple news Web sites daily. I am obsessed with Facebook, MySpace and the Internet—really, it’s bad. I have a great job—I am very lucky to have a wonderful boss and awesome coworkers (love my talks with Kerri, Nicole W., Colleen, etc.). I am really starting to love traveling, and I am beginning to get over my fear of flying – yay!

I love my original nickname Mander (thanks, Teri-Ann) that has now become my primary name to many people. I love it so much that I try to insert it into whatever I can (“Everybody Loves Mander,” “Farmer Wants a Mander,” etc.).

I have been an official Philadelphia resident, living in a beautiful apartment in an awesome apartment complex with my so-so roommates Ter and Gilmore, since March 2008. I love being back in the city, and in a better section than Olney (yeahhh Roxborough!). There is so much to do in Philly. Although, I do admit, part of me misses the Lehigh Valley – never thought that would happen!

I enjoy doing things many 23-year-olds do, including getting dressed up and going out—always creates good stories to tell and rehash later! But I also enjoy a relaxing night in just as much—I’m fine watching a night of crappy reality TV (love the boob tube—again, it’s bad!) or movies (Bill Wine is my idol).

I also love music—I’ll listen to pretty much anything! I constantly have to be listening to music—at work, when I’m working out, driving or just hanging out in my room. My iPod was probably one of my most important purchases (along with my gorgeous car, Inky). Cover songs are the best!

Growing up has been interesting for me. I don’t feel 23, and I desperately miss La Salle. I am so excited for all my friends’ weddings and babies, but it always reminds me of how old, but also irresponsible, I am, haha. I’m still learning how to take care of myself—I can’t imagine how all you with husbands and babies do it! I really want to get a puppy, but even that sounds like too much of a responsibility.

I don’t enjoy drama in my personal life, though I feel like there’s always something going on in my friends’ and family member’s lives (really, I could write a soap opera). I really hate boy drama… I’m looking for a straightforward, kindhearted guy with a good sense of humor. If you’re out there, call me, haha!.... No, seriously….

I have been trying to “quit” soda on and off for many years. Right now I’m in an “off” period.
I am a big junk food addict—I love me some chicken fingers and fries… and chicken caesar salad. That might as well be junk food, for how many calories there are in it! Additionally, I’m attempting to become a cook… send me some simple recipes, please!

When I can, I will talk about or reference The Office or Friends, especially if a similar situation arises. I also enjoy talking about my cousins Gehrig, Sammy and Gavin, and the somewhat funny (or odd) wisdom of my little brother Brandon. I also tend to talk about celebrities like I know them—I’m obsessed with pop culture. I really need to do something productive with all this knowledge!

Other things I love: deep convos with Polly and Tanya, advice from Des, shopping with JM, girls’ nights with Becky and Nicole G., joking with my sister Emily, watching TV with Gilmore and Ter, and catching up with people from high school and college (message me and let me know what you’re up to!).

My mother is the most important person to me in the entire world. She is so amazing—so selfless, sweet, fun, supportive. She has been the best mother and the best friend I could ever ask for. My mom was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (an aggressive type of brain cancer) in April 2007. She has changed very much over the past year, but I know her love for me (and mine for her) hasn’t. She has made me into the person I am today, and if I can be just half the person and mother she is “when I grow up,” then I’ve achieved my goal.

Overall, I’d like to think I am a kind, quirky person who is a good friend, daughter, sister, employee, etc. I strive to be the best I can be in all those areas. Also, I’m obviously long-winded. The End.

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Anonymous said...

I love this! Especially the Bill Wine being your idol part. He was on La Salle 56 the other day (we don't have cable yet, so we're limited in what we watch at my condo!) I had him for a film class and loved him too. He made me look at movies in a completely different way. However, now I'm sort of a movie snob...oh well. We should have a Bill Wine recommended movie night!