Thursday, July 17, 2008

US Scareways

Enough is enough, US Airways: You totally suck. First, you decide to charge $15 for the first checked bag ($25 for the second) and $2 for soda or WATER on your flights... things that should be complimentary, in my opinion!

Then, you decide not to offer movies on domestic flights anymore... something that calms and entertains people who don't like flying, like me.

And this is the last straw. Pressuring pilots to use less fuel is not in the best interest of your passengers' safety. I know the economy is bad, and that you'll be paying $2 million more in fuel costs this year, but this is not the answer!! I'm just waiting for a crash.

Our company books us on US Airways flights often, but I'm going to start request flying Southwest. Cheaper flights, fun and nice attendants, and no charge for checked bags or freakin' WATER yet.

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